What services does Destin Harbor Cruises offer?
A variety of cruises through the harbor and out to Crab Island.
What kind of boat will I be on?
A one of a Kind State of the art 2022, Electrically Powered Duffy Suncruiser
Where is the boat docked?

302 Harbor Blvd, Destin FL, 32541. At the bottom of the hill and to the left behind the Edge Seafood Restaurant.

How many passengers are allowed?
6 “souls” onboard
Can just two of us purchase seats without chartering the whole vessel?


Are Pets allowed?

Service Dogs are allowed only, and it must be with a private charter. A service animal is any dog that has been trained to perform tasks to benefit an individual. The performed must be directly related to the individual's disability. According to the ADA, service animals for emotional support, cherapy, comfort or companionship are not considered service animals.

The guest requiring the service animal must be in possession of the animal at all times. Due to the nature of our Crab Island Excursions, the guest and the service animal may be required to remain on the vessel for the entirety of the trip. This is to ensure the guests safety as well as that of the the service animal, Destin wildlife, other guests, & Captain and Crew.

Can we bring our own drinks?

Yes, the vessel has a large cooler onboard for drinks,  as well as a wine chiller and mini fridge.

Can we bring snacks?

Yes, the Vessel has 2 tables that you can use to display a nice spread. You can eat and drink in the main cabin or on the aft deck outside.

Is catering available?
Yes, from the Edge Seafood Restaurant, Harbor Tavern and the Boathouse.
Is Smoking allowed?
Yes, with Captain's permission.
Can I play my own music?
Yes, via Bluetooth.
Do your boats operate in the rain?

We do operate in the rain as the Duffy has an enclosed overhead canopy. However, the Captain can decide at anytime to cancel due to conditions (typically high winds or thunder storms). If you are unable to reschedule and still want to go on one of our cruises, the Captains may under certain conditions go out if they can keep the cruise in calmer conditions.

What about restrooms?

The Duffys are NOT equipped with restrooms. We strongly encourage you to use the restroom before leaving the dock. Please do NOT drink more than you are able to "hold" while on your tour!


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