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Destin Harbor Cruises provides a one of a kind experience, on a vessel inspired by the yachts of yesterday with the electric power of the future. Come experience Destin Harbor, Destin sunsets and/or Crab island on the our gorgeous “little yacht” in any weather. 

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We provide a professional USCG Licensed Capt. to take you on a cruise around the waters of Destin. Enjoy the beauty of Destin and its harbors as the only electric boat in the harbor slices through the water. You and your friends can now converse on a pleasant level without yelling over the engine(s) and you don’t even need to have the music loud to drown what would be a normal ambient nose from the engines.


3 Hr Crab Island (swim option)
4 Hr Crab Island (swim option)
1.5 Hr Harbor Cruise
1.5 Hr Sunset Cruise
Custom Trips & Special Events

Custom Experiences

-Order dinner from one of the many awesome restaurants near us and bring it with on any of our cruises, or order a charcuterie board and a couple bottles of bubbles to take with you. They will be onboard when you arrive.

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